Sustainability is
our North Star

We are guided by tomorrow

At BM Durkan, the lived experience of what we create has always mattered. We’ve always worked closely with the communities we serve. We’ve always understood that design must first serve human needs, comfort and liveability. Now we recognise that the greatest human need is sustainability. This is a time of unprecedented change, and we rise to that challenge, with leading sustainable practice and technology.

We are guided by a vision of better

Every BM Durkan project will now achieve Ireland’s Home Performance Index Certification, which is similar to certification for commercial development like LEED and BREEAM, but specifically designed for residential development and aligns to Irish building regulations, EU CEN standards and international WELL certification for communities.

We are members of the Irish Green Building Council which is transforming the Irish construction industry with best sustainable practice, leadership on policy at Irish and European levels and workforce training.

Our pursuit of sustainability is a dynamic process. We continually measure our environmental performance, and use our learnings to create and manage better policies, targets and resources.

At BM Durkan, we:

  • Build in connected located, with excellent transport links for convenience

  • Recycle from construction all the way through to planning the life cycle of each development

  • Develop clear and exhaustive risk management measures, in response to the perimeters set by climate change modelling

  • We purposefully chose projects that embody our sustainable values. We choose to work on better projects for a better world

  • Create environments, not just developments, where space and greenery flow. Durkan spaces feature many trees

  • Bring best practice to our sites, in terms of local impacts, emissions and waste and litter management. We engage with the local community at every step of the way

  • Ensure environmental awareness among all employees, sub-contractors and suppliers

  • Build homes that are energy efficient and conserve water. We build with low embodied carbon materials

Ethical Enterprise
An Ethical Enterprise

We lead on sustainability because in a changing world, that is where the biggest challenge and opportunity is. But ESG is 360° at BM Durkan. We are an ethical business, which serves communities, and our own industry. We embrace diversity in the workplace because we need diverse, sustainable solutions that work for everyone, now and in the future.

Community Matters
Community Matters

Sustainability means building places that people will love for lifetimes, so we work closely with local communities to get it right. Every design aspect is created with liveability in mind. We keep an open dialogue, and listen to local needs. We have a strong track record of sponsoring local charities and youth centres and local community initiatives.