About us

About Us

Values and experience
in the service of a
sustainable future

We are more than developers. We are also tried and trusted builders, experts in our field. We deliver more than housing stock. We work with communities and with innovative practice and technologies to deliver homes designed and built with environmental consciousness as a core driver. These are the homes of tomorrow.

Durkan has been a leading name in Irish construction since the 1960s, synonymous with innovative, high quality projects. Established by Tony Durkan, the business is now run by Tony’s sons, Brian and Anthony, along with a strong team of construction and property professionals.

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We don't just build property,
we build relationships.

At Durkan, our 50 years of expertise in building exceptional homes and trusted relationships is now in the service of tomorrow. We are committed to using best practice and emerging technologies to build better, cleaner and more efficient homes and communities that meet the challenges of a changing world.

Our Mission
& Values

To build for a better world, a clean and sustainable world, where people can enjoy quality of life and community. To pursue excellence in construction services by investing in technology, innovation and our people. To ensure longevity by building relationships with our clients, based on honesty, integrity and trust, and to enhance client value with superior customer service at all times.

  • Core Values - Honesty


    We have built a reputation as a strong, dependable business that delivers on time, within budget and to the highest standards. We promise transparency. We promise communication that is clear and open. We know what we’re doing and we do what we know.

  • Core Values - Integrity


    We work with clarity and purpose. Sustainability is the north star that guides all that we are.

    We form partnerships with joint venture investors, consultants and professionals who also want to build outstanding developments that serve communities long after we are all gone.

  • Core Values - Quality

    Hard Work

    We combine emerging technologies and established best practice. This means we lead on sustainability, quality, safety, engineering, construction, and residential and commercial property. We are tireless in the pursuit of better.

  • Core Values - Continuous Improvement

    Commitment to quality of service

    We embrace a culture of continuous improvement. Our dedicated team is at your service, and it includes chartered quantity surveyors, engineers, health and safety professionals, facilities management professionals and Building Energy Rating (BER) assessors. We build trust.

Brian M Durkan & Co. Ltd.

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